An LGBTQIA+ Proud Poem

The same year Trump ran for election in 2016, North Carolina passed House Bill 2. Now, while Trump spoke out against HB 2 in 2016, he also stripped transgender service members of their titles in 2017 by banning all transgender individuals from serving in any part of the military. I will leave it to you to decide where our president stands on truly caring about and protecting our transgender community.

I am a lesbian woman who has short hair and wears masculine clothing. Due to my aesthetic, I dealt with a lot of harassment in public restrooms once HB 2 was passed. I was told I was entering the wrong bathroom, told to get out of bathrooms when in them, and was called a slew of various insults. After months of this treatment, I stopped using public restrooms. This is my satirical way of coping and projecting that fear and anger out of myself and onto paper. If you have ever struggled with using facilities of any sort due to your gender identity, my heart aches with and for you.

Hear ye, hear ye Entering the room Is a lesbian!

My short hair and Dapper clothing Screams aloud and from the hilltops And people choose to hear What they want to believe


That four-letter word Makes my legs shake Not unlike another four-letter word But containing none of the same pleasure Or any pleasure

Face burns like the surface of the sun Red hot as they forget your name Replacing it With dyke

While you push past Only seeking sweet porcelain relief Who knew my urination Would cause such contemplation Of right or wrong.