Does Meditation Help Your Anxiety?

“My anxiety presents itself to me in many physical forms. I can pinpoint the exact onset of an anxiety or panic attack if I pay attention to my body’s signals, using a meditative body scan, to help prevent the discomfort.

We happen to live in a world dominated by distraction though. Every day we succumb to the mind-numbing fixation of social media scrolling, texting rather than talking and an apparent need for noise. This constant flow of stimulation floods the circuit board that is our mind. Only when we stop to listen to the sounds of our body can our mind truly relax.”

New piece up over on HealthyPlace at my blog The Life: LGBT Mental Health.

Meditation has helped my anxiety more than I have words. Does meditation help your stress, worry, anxiety etc.? All feedback welcomed! Full article and video in bio link tree. Namaste to you all ❤

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