Not My President-Inauguration Writing Advent Day 11

When I had the conversation with a dear friend that sparked my motivation to begin this 20-day journey I had much doubt regarding my ability to produce. Here we are, 11 days in and I have written more meaningful content in these days than I have in six months. Astonishing what a bit of inspiration and a lot of resentment can produce. I thank the Trump administration for that productive fire, the only thing I will ever thank them for.

Throughout this journey, I have been collecting prompts from those who run the gambit of survivors in the Trump era. Powerful, beautiful, vulnerable, raw, and empowered women who have felt the wrath of a president who values power overall. Each day has produced a prompt of individuals' thoughts that I try to turn into a piece they can be proud of. I realized this morning I have yet to write my own prompt.

I have yet to express my own personal feelings towards this damaged administration. I have not given my raw and vulnerable thoughts regarding Trump any light in this writing advent. Only too fitting to use the halfway point as my moment to speak.

Politics were never something I planned to be involved in. Hell, I never even knew what politics entailed until Trump took office. I voted for Obama in his first term because I turned 18 that year and couldn't pass up a historic moment to vote for the first black president. I didn't vote at all in 2008 and, leading up to the 2016 election, still knew little about politics.

I grew up in a very poor family. Welfare was the norm for us and bills were paid based on the length of time past due it was. My mother raised me and eventually my siblings as a mostly single mother and worked her ass off to do so. Government, politicians, and policy were not something we grew up caring about. We didn't care because that type of influence never made it to our small, rural farming community. No politician was doing anything on a macro level to help me and my family of micros.

I know now that we the people hold the power and not involving ourselves in government is exactly what they all want. If we know little about how our democracy works then we stay quiet and controlled. Once we realize that we are the only ones with real power and our voices ring louder than any greedy politician then we become a threat to them.

My personal hatred for Trump stems from his abhorrent nature regarding the power of the people. He has made our entire country feel powerless for four years. His hatred and lies spread like wildfire and we are unable to douse one fire before another springs up. We become hopeless, helpless, and downtrodden. Because we are human. And resilience only stretches so far.

I dislike the Trump administration because they are the epitome of injustice. How in the hell can a man holding the highest office in the nation be ALLOWED to act as he does? To mock the disabled, mentally ill, women, LGBT community members, and individuals of color. I am sorry but, if the privilege is not in your vocabulary when speaking of Trump then I find it hard to listen to you speak about him.

But I will forever hold a small thank you in my heart for this administration. As a lesbian woman who works in the mental health field and stands strong with the black lives matter movement, you threaten every aspect of my life. So I stay vigilant. I stay steady in my path of helping others and fighting the battles they can't fight alone. You have given me inspiration for the fight.

I thank this administration for its knowledge. The thirst for knowledge that you, Mr. Trump, have instilled in me due to your vomiting of lies with every speech or tweet. I know more about how government and politics work now than I ever thought I would four years ago. You have armed me with the greatest weapon while trying to break me down.

On we push, on we spread the knowledge and peace we have inside us, and on we fight against the fascist regime called the Trump administration.

Thank you to all who have contributed to this Inauguration Writing Advent thus far with your prompts, likes, reading of the pieces, sharing of the pieces or kind words regarding the writings. You all inspire me to be inspired, namaste to you always <3