RBG Turns In Her Grave as Justice Barrett Fills Her Seat

Things I am not fond of before 6 am: being awoken by neighbors who haven’t the slightest bit of respect that in this building we share a wall, being awoken by the sounds of sirens or alarms due to an unforeseeable emergency and the face of Amy Cohen Barrett. I only experienced the latter this morning but it was enough to make me forget the other two were even a hindrance. Less than a week before our country votes to remove a disease from the oval office that has nothing to do with coronavirus, Amy Cohen Barrett has been confirmed and is now-Supreme

Court Justice Barrett.

I do not write about politics. I write about mental health. I write about emotion and struggle with handling those emotions. I write about my addiction and recovery. I write about matters involving the LGBTQIA+ community and their rights. Today politics has shifted into the direction of threatening all these areas I love and hold compassion for. So, today I write about politics.

With the confirmation of Justice Barrett-even though uttering your name like this makes me both queasy and tearful remembering all that Justice Ginsburg did for us-many sensitive subjects can be brought back to the chopping block. When I say sensitive, I mean the right for same-sex couples to marry, the right for individuals to obtain an abortion that is performed by a doctor in a safe space, and the right to affordable healthcare for all no matter your pre-existing conditions.

With the confirmation of Justice Barrett, our Supreme Court sits in favor of the conservatives. The wave of right-wing defendants who hold our rights and lives in their fingers. They will never hold us with tenderness or love as Justice Ginsburg did.

Do you know how it feels to wonder if someday in the future you can’t marry the woman you love?

One week.

The presidential election is in ONE WEEK.

If you ever needed a reason to vote please know, there will be no bigger, brighter sign than this.

We are better than them. Than this.

The only way out is through, VOTE!