What Antifa is, What Antifa Isn't, and What Trump Would Like You To Believe

Photo Credit: Photo by Michael Anfang on Unsplash

Good morning and Happy Impeachment 2.0 Day! Okay, my only jab in an offensive manner for this post. I PROMISE.

While watching the news this morning I heard many mentions from the right-wing dungeons of Congress that Antifa may be responsible for the attacks on Capitol Hill. We have all been hearing the name Antifa since the summertime and, usually, it is said with disdain as they have been blamed for many of the Black Lives Matter protests across the country.

Aside from knowing that Antifa stands for anti-fascist, I knew nothing about this organization. I had my assumptions that they probably were not as evil as the Trump administration and far-right tout and wanted to see if research could back them up. And wouldn't you know, the research did just that.

I noticed throughout many articles, Antifa was described by the areas of society they opposed versus what they stood for. This organization opposes fascism, nationalism, far-right ideologies, white supremacy, authoritarianism, racism, homophobia, and xenophobia.

Now, just reading this pretty cut and dry description I think-I can get on board with this. This doesn't sound like the violent individuals who were burning down Portland and Minneapolis. This sounds like peaceful protestors, individuals with a purpose and reason for organizing and protesting the fascism dealt us daily by the President.

In 2019, via Twitter, President Trump labeled Antifa as a domestic terrorist threat. But, Antifa is not a group of individuals or an organized group with a central leader. Antifa has no central leadership or formal membership. Antifa is a way of thinking. Antifa lies in the minds of us all who oppose injustice to anyone.

Is there an asshole in every group? Yes, a lot of them. To call all those who protest and preach justice violent because a few violent individuals who share their same thoughts exist would not be fair at all.

That would be like saying every Trump supporter is a seditious prick because tons of them broke into the Capitol a week ago and destroyed it. And that, while probably more truth to it than we think, would not be fair.

Let us take Portland, for example. Portland spent weeks on fire both literally and philosophically while the civil unrest in the city came to a head. These protests, no matter nature, were blamed on Antifa. President Trump made sure that Antifa was the topic at hand and the entity to be able to point the finger of blame at.

While radical members of antifascism groups that claim they are involved with Antifa exist, they are not the norm. Also, lest we forget Mr. Trump that the FBI and Homeland Security currently do not consider Antifa a domestic terrorist group, or even a problem to watch at all.

They do, however, rank the highest domestic threat as white supremacy groups. Shocking, I know.

Just a bit o' knowledge regarding WHO Antifa actually is and WHAT they are and are not responsible for. Thank you as always Trump, for another show of post-truth politics. Consistency is key.